Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Kensington Goes Wild

Every now and then I get to venture out of the deep, dark depths of the underground scene and head somewhere a little different. Recently I set upon Kensington to spin some beats at Sir Richard Bransons venue, The Roof Gardens. The gardens themselves are one of those rare London treats, offering a mystical land in a labyrinth of beautifully designed space, exotic plants and wildlife. Experiencing them at night you found that with each turn you stumbled upon another secret corner, giving the feel that you were anywhere but London town, and a whole world away from the usual hangouts.

It was great to invite everyone down for a change of scenery, hey even my Dad joined in on the action. I don't think he stopped grinning all night, the only danger being that he could get used to being plonked down in a VIP with free drinks. All my girls got involved with free make up and manicures, while I set about plotting to throw down some serious sh*t on the dance floor.

Now as you can image, it's not usually the place for such full on music, but what they hey I went for it anyway. Everyone was nicely tipsy by the time I went on so I went about my business of causing some mayhem. By the end of my set it was quite clear that nearly the whole club had descended on to the dance floor. My Dad went outside for some fresh air and then couldn't get back in again, cue the carnage! Screams, cheers and lots of whooping emerging my way, now that is the reaction you aim for every time you play. It is safe to say that I took the roof off The Roof Gardens that night and probably nearly killed the percussionist who had the absolute time of his life going hell for leather to the heavy Tech House. A little bit of Techno never hurt any body, right Kensington?

Here's some footage from the night, with a cheeky sample of one of my new tracks 'Plant The Seed'. Enjoy.