Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Happy Birthday ....

....to my Blog! It's been a year already, I can't believe it. Thanks for reading thus far into the story. We started things off a year ago with some real head down in the studio business, working on The Wild EP. Which has done really well, charted number six on Trackitdown and went on to be used for some cool videos by pretty huge companies, Grazia Magazine and Bourjois Paris. :o)

As 2011 broke I fell in love with Soundcloud due to my DJ mixes getting a phenomenal amount of hits. In one year they have smashed in over twenty six thousand downloads all by themselves. Kick ass!

Now we're drawing in on the end of summer (already?), I've been happily to drop the biggest bombshells of all. It was great to finally share with you my news of being asked (and accepting) to be the face of my favourite mascara EVER! Though I'm sure it probably sounds completely made up, I have been devoted to Bourjois Volume Clubbing Mascara for longer than I can remember and now that my face is slapped all over Superdrug (and soon to be Boots as of tomorrow) on a Bourjois campaign it's just unreal. I do hope you will join myself, Bourjois and lots of friends in raising a glass of champagne and some cocktails to a successful year, new ventures, new partnerships and of course the one year birth of this Blog. Pop into The Roof Gardens if you are in London this Friday, more details are posted below.

Here's to another year of adventures and pushing my music a little bit further. Stay Tuned.