Thursday, 24 May 2012

Two Seven

To be honest I don't usually do much to celebrate my birthdays, they come and go pretty unnoticed. This year being a complete exception with a long, crazy and very hectic week of gigs to party at. First stop Mumbai, though not for long as a typically long, bouncy and a little bit hair raising Indian cab ride awaited to take me to the first port of call, Pune. 1 Lounge in Pune is a really cool outdoor venue, where I met some pretty damn lovely people and got to play some pretty damn lovely tunes. Definitely one to come back to in the near future I hope for round two and to see a little more of the city as I was straight out the door and on to the next flight to Bangalore.

Now I had heard many wonderful things about Pebble in Bangalore and couldn't wait to check out the venue, which didn't disappointed. Another fabulous outdoor venue, with mystical jungle trees to dance under and vast amounts of good, divine energies. The weather decided not to behave and we had a total wash out, but I will be back to concur this super cool place again, and I cannot wait do to so. 

Next stop, New Delhi (and I did see some monkey's on the street). Last gig in India on this mini tour was at The Aqua Park for a cool pool party. Sun, warmth, bikini, pineapple and vodka, pool, palm tree, disco ball, good deep music and voila! Gorgeous hotel, with gorgeous food - hope to stay a little longer next time to enjoy some more desserts. Oh yum. Tried to get my head down for a proper nights sleep here as despite the long journey home that followed, the week had only just begun.

Happy Birthday to me, the big two seven today and I'm off to Klagenfurt in Austria. Arrived at the hotel with just enough time to get ready and put on the 'show face' and then straight off to the club, where I was treated to a bottle of champers and a VERY gorgeous birthday cake. Custo Club is really cool little venue, full of super friendly people who really enjoy their music. I loved playing here, good vibes all round. Definitely one to return to. Was a pleasure to celebrate my birthday with all. Klagenfurt is a really nice place and somewhere I could have happily stayed for a week, next time I need to sit tight and visit the mountains as well. But duty calls me to London so no sight seeing here either.

So that's it for flying this week, eight flights and many many cab rides later. On wards to London for part five of week two seven where it is nice to be back home to a few familiar and welcoming faces down at The Aquarium in Shoreditch. I'm not usually one for caffeine consumption but this morning was definitely powered by Red Bull and after playing and driving home it was straight to the stables to feed the horses. Who needs sleep? 

Thanks to all who's path I may have crossed, who danced to my music, who wished me well and who's friend I became. Lets do it all again real soon. And remember, the moment you start believing anything is possible. ♥