Thursday, 29 December 2011

Happy New Year

So another year draws to a close, and I for one cannot wait for 2012 to launch into action. I can feel in my bones that the new year is going to be a good one. Though looking back on this year, 2011 has been a pretty successful one too, of course it's all about aiming for bigger and better as time goes on.

So one of the most exciting things to have happened this year was joining forces with Bourjois Paris and becoming a Brand Ambassador for my favourite and long time used mascara. Having my image and artist name slapped across the country on the high street in Boots & Superdrug stores was pretty awesome, as was getting recognised when I popped into Superdrug on Oxford Street "OMG, is that you?" why yes it is! I'm looking forward to working with Bourjois more over the next coming year.

I have to thank all of you for your continued support on my tracks and DJ mixes. The downloads on Soundcloud have been incredible and The Wild EP is still selling well and gaining love from artists such as D.Ramirez. If you still haven't got round to hearing my work, why not grab my giveaway track "Infatuation" to get a little taster?

I've been a little quieter than I had intended studio wise this year, though there are half a dozen unheard tracks kicking around at the moment. 2012 promises to be full steam ahead with new material and maybe even an album to bring things back up to speed.

I'm hoping the new year will bring more new friendships and partnerships, such as my latest one with Dirty Fresh Laundry. Here's to the forthcoming fantastic year, gigs on all corners of the Globe and to all the wonderful people I shall meet on my adventures! Stick to your guns people