Saturday, 3 December 2011


So it's a tough old world for us poor girls, fighting for the right to be taken seriously in anything we do. I'm blogging today to shed some light on one of my pet hates and that is the term 'DJane'. I find this term highly inappropriate and makes a mockery of female Disc Jockeys. See as well as spinning discs, I also ride horses so I am a 'jockey' twice over. Now think about that one, if you apply this silly 'Jane' term to horse riding that would make me a 'Horse Jane' which doesn't work now does it? ;-)

The DJ scene is possibly one of the toughest places for a girl to be and I'm going to be frank here when I say that there are a lot of gimmicky 'stand here and look pretty' girls out there who really don't help the serious artists. I will also be frank in saying that it is really annoying to listen to some of the offenders promo mixes to hear clashing, shady mixing. By all means look fabulous, but don't forget to carve your skills on the decks first! This situation bothers me somewhat as clubbers and promoters hear these mixes and tend to tar all other female DJs with the same brush, which in turn makes it harder for your promotional material, mixes AND tracks to be listened to. There are more ladies than ever getting into producing now and they are going to face an uphill struggle where ever they turn, regardless of how talented and how much they have to offer.

The poor show of ladies in charts like the Top 100 is not because there aren't a lot of fantastic female artists, it's because despite them being at the top of their game, they are not truly taken seriously. For example, I can think of one lady who has toured the globe for two decades and sold more records than all the boys put together. She should be a high ranking DJ in the chart right? Sister Bliss shoots them all out of the water there! Girls take note here, get good at what you do and save the looks as just part of the whole package. Demand the respect and boycott daft terms like 'DJane' as it is never going to help anyone be taken seriously.

I might start calling all guys DJohn's. Just a thought ....