Thursday, 27 October 2011

Save The Tiger?

Well I wouldn't be Wild if I didn't love my feline friends, big or small, and that is why I'm blogging about a real serious issue today. Did you know that within 20 years the gorgeous Tiger could be extinct? And that man is the sole reason for this? We're losing the tiger to poaching, hunting and lose of habitat and we need to act now to save this amazing animal, I mean could you imagine a world without tigers?

No? Neither can I. Losing such an impressive beast due to human ignorance is a really disgusting thing. So, please do you bit and spread the word about Check out the website, sign up, donate, buy a wristband, visit the shop and most importantly TELL YOUR FRIENDS to do the same.

You can also follow on Twitter, which is where I heard about this wonderful and vitally important cause. See their page at @TigerTimeNow.