Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Tis the season!

To be tucked up and toasty in the studio, drinking hot chocolate with marsh mellows whilst making a wish list for Santa ...

I'm thinking of some nice new, shiny Roland gear for making more beautiful beats. The SP-555 sampler has caught my eye so far. If I'm really lucky, I might just get one?!?!?! Please Santa, I've been a very good girl and I've working hard this year!

And speaking of year, this one is nearly at it's end and though it's been very productive musically, I am really looking forward to rocking out my New Year Resolution in 2011 of MORE MUZIK, MORE MUZIK, MORE MUZIK (which should start off with a bang due to the six unheard tracks I've got in waiting!)

Merry Festive Season
See you on the other side!
Hannah Wild x